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Baseball Playoffs 2014
South 1. St. Laurence vs. North 4. St. Ambrose; North 1. John Paul II vs. South 4. St. Vincent de Paul; South 2. St. Thomas More vs. North 3. St. Anne Tomball; North 2. St. Anthony of Padua vs. South 3. St. Augustine.   First Round of the playoffs is this week before Easter and 2nd Round on April 23rd, Championship and Consolation on the 25th.


The Greater Houston Catholic Athletic Association is an integral part of the educational mission of  The Catholic Schools of The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston. The  G.H.C.A.A.  is dedicated to fostering human development, within the framework of a Christian environment, encouraging a positive vision in our young men and women through exercise, positive athletic competition, and fully recognizing the dignity of each student in Christ's image.


All affiliated schools agree to the following goals:

  • To build a community which strives to image Christ
  • To develop Christian spirit, school spirit, team spirit and personal acceptance
  • To instill Christian sportsmanship in the life -styles of the participants
  • To teach the participants the proper attitude towards winning, losing and competing with dignity
  • To develop an acceptance and appreciation of others
  • To train and instruct in athletic rules
  • To develop the students physical abilities and coordination
  • To help form well-rounded students by fostering good health habits
  • To provide a Christian environment and outlet for youthful energy
  • To teach the positive value of athletic participation
  • To show the necessity of practice, work and management of time

These goals are founded upon the principle of the infinite worth of each person because he/she is created in the image and likeness of God.




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